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SOS, for Simple Operating System, is an operating system kernel which aims at being simple to understand and that nonetheless covers concepts and functionalities of modernal OSes. The OS code comes with a batch of articles published in the french magazine called Linux Magazine France, between 2004 and 2006. Each month (or almost), offers the operating system's code for the current month and the previous ones. The articles are published in the french language, and are unfortunetaly not yet available in english. However, we'd like these to be available in english, and we will be working on it when the batch of articles will be completed.

SOS and the articles published in Linux Magazine France are particularly interesting for people wishing to understand how an operating system works, not for operating system experts. The articles aim at learning, by pratice, the structure and internals of an operating system. Such a deep understanding is not simply anecdotal : it allows to grasp a synthetic view of the whole system. It allows to better understand strange behaviours, to better find the potential reasons of the errors that we often face while working on other systems. And, for the software developer, it allows to have a pretty good vision of available functionalities on any system, and to have the intuition of the architecture and of the mechanisms to implement the most elegantly and the most smartly way to realize the desired functionnalities.

-- David Decotigny & Thomas Petazzoni? (2004, 2005, 2006)

Already published articles

As stated before, articles have been published in french only for the moment.